SIXTH New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry

(All events below are scheduled on the associated weekends and corresponding dates listed )

PLEASE CONTACT US if you are interested in participating in a particular event.

*March 23 : Saint Patrick's Day Parade, Ringwood NJ

​April 6-7 : Spangler Spring Living History Event, Gettysburg National Park PA

​ May 4-5 : Warminster 

​*May 18-19 : Battle of New Market 155th Reenactment, New Market VA

​*May 27 : Memorial Day Parades, Rutherford and Hawthorne NJ

​*June 22-23 : Spotsylvania National Military Park 

​*July 4th : Fourth of July Parade, Glen Rock NJ

August 3rd : Bucktail Reunion

​*September 7-8 : Longpond Iron Works Living History, Hewitt, NJ

October 5-6 Shenandoah 1864, VA

​*October 19-20 : Battle of Cedar Creek, VA

​November 9 : Veterans Day Montgomery Township, NJ

​November 23 : Rememberence Day Parade, Gettysburg PA

​* : Events that require a MAXIUM EFFORT by members to attend.

2019 Schedule of Events